We see You.

Taking on the world. Getting things done. Taking care of everyone but yourself. And feeling terrible while you do.

You know you have problems with your digestion. You wish you didn't have to worry about what to eat or how you may feel after.

You wish you had the energy you used to.

You want to know that you are actually taking care of your body and giving it what it needs, but don't have time for it and are overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice and rules.

You're tired of feeling like you're failing in this one thing. You want to address it at the cause and need someone who knows how to get you there.

We see you. And we've got you. Let's do this together. 


It is time to Define your fuel.


Find the right foods for YOUR body

With all of the conflicting rules about what foods or diet are the "best", how can you actually know what to eat?  The answer is- there isn't one right answer. We have a science-backed method that gets you eating the foods for YOUR body right where you're at now. And it doesn't mean spending your life in the kitchen (unless you want to.)


Restore your gut

Gut health is finally getting its moment in the spotlight- and for good reason.
When it comes to health, all roads lead to the gut- or rather- from the gut.
Whether you want more energy, to feel better when you eat, a stronger immune system, better mental health, or to just be as healthy as you can- it all starts here. It all starts in the gut. 


Not another course

No one needs one more course to forget about,
collecting digital dust, not helping anyone.
You want results.
You need coaches and accountability. You need someone working with you on the journey to who you are going to be and how great you can feel. Get just the education you need, with all the support to make it real. 

Leslie Bio.png

Leslie Bobb, MPH


Lyndsay Bio.png

Lyndsay Laursen, MS


Meet Your Team

Leslie and Lyndsay have over 12 years in combined experience and education in nutrition, health, food, psychology and coaching. They bring their separate skillsets and shared passion for seeing you become your best to create a program truly unlike anything else. 

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